Vision Project 2019

What are you doing this summer? Join us for a 2 week discipleship and training program to get trained up to be the next generation of young leaders to be servants, soul winners, preachers, and church planters!

International Mission Trip

This summer we’re planning on having some mission trips abroad! If you’re interested, sign up below.

Note: if you signed up before 2/16, please sign up again, as we have add some information to the sign up form.

DT Groups

Sign up to join a devotional group to study the bible with a small group of friends!

Office Hours with Dan/Hannah

Sign up for office hours with Dan/Hannah if you have any questions about Christian life, the Bible, or if you just want to hangout!

Course 101

Course 101, a seven-week course, gives an intellectual basis for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Christian faith and addresses misconceptions about God, Jesus and the Bible.

Service Crews

Interested in helping out with food, tech, photography, and more for our regular events? Sign up here!

Elderly Care Home Visits

Sign up for the opportunity to bring God's love directly into nursing homes.

Spring Break Vision Trip

Come join us for an opportunity to reach out to college students at Ohio State!